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Why Diamond India

Diamond India offers Certified Diamonds and provides the guidance and education to start your own diamond trade.


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Fantastic work and excellent quality of Diamond.I am proud to own my Solitaire Ring at such a reasonable price..  Ronnie S., Tx, USA

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Christmas specials Items
0.1-ct-diamond-with-blue-topaz-pendant-REF:DGM0611P0.1 ct diamond with blue topaz pendant REF:DGM0611P
14k-white-gold-round-diamond-pendant-REF:-DWG0570P14k white gold round diamond pendant REF: DWG0570P
14K-white-gold-diamond-quartz-ring-REF:-DGM0143R14K white gold diamond quartz ring REF: DGM0143R
1-carat-princess-cut-diamond-14k-yellow-gold-stud-earrings-REF:DSD3010E1 carat princess cut diamond 14k yellow gold stud earrings REF:DSD3010E
14k-white-gold-diamond-ring-REF:DWG0298R14k white gold diamond ring REF:DWG0298R
two-tone-gold-diamond-heart-pendant-REF:-DGD0520Ptwo tone gold diamond heart pendant REF: DGD0520P
18K-white-gold-pearl-ring-REF:DPL0090R18K white gold pearl ring REF:DPL0090R
14K-white-gold-diamond-ring-REF:DWG0256R14K white gold diamond ring REF:DWG0256R
Two-tone-diamond-engagement-ring-REF:DEG0333RTwo tone diamond engagement ring REF:DEG0333R
18k-white-gold-round-diamond-earring-REF:-DWG1050E18k white gold round diamond earring REF: DWG1050E
1 carat diamond 14k yellow gold stud earrings REF: DSD3024E
1 carat diamond 14k yellow gold stud earrings REF: DSD3024E
1 carat diamond 14k yellow gold stud earrings
Metal Information


14k yellow gold
Finish: polished
Stone Information
Cut: round
Clarity: I1
Color: H I
Weight: 1 carat
Quantity: 2
Total Diamond Weight: 1 carat
Products Under Studs Category
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1/2 carat stud earrings in white gold REF:DSD3001E

3/4 carat stud earrings in yellow gold REF:DSD3002E

1/2 carat diamond 14K yellow gold stud REF:DSD3004E

1 carat diamond 14 K white gold stud REF:DSD3005E

1/2 carat princess cut diamond 18k yellow gold stud earrings REF: DSD3027E

1 carat round diamond 18k yellow gold stud earring REF: DSD3033E

14k yellow gold yellow sapphire studs earrings REF: DSD3043E

14k white gold diamond hoop and omega earring REF: DSD3044E

14k white gold diamond blue sapphire studs earrings REF: DSD3045E

14k white gold 1/5 carat diamond hoop and omega earrings REF: DSD3046E

14k white gold diamond stud earrings REF:DSD3047E

14k white gold 1/5 carat diamond studs solitaire earring REF: DSD3048E

14k white gold 0.22 carat diamond hoop and omega studs earrings REF: DSD3049E

14k white gold diamond trends stud earring REF: DSD3050E

14k yellow gold 1/4 carat diamond blue sapphire studs earring REF: DSD3051E

1 carat diamond martini style 18k white gold solitaire stud earrings REF: DSD3008E
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